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Health Made Simple. Period.

Hi everyone…as promised, a quick note letting you all know that the meal plan I’ve been working on with Matt Frazier (The No Meat Athlete) is now live! It’s called Health Made Simple, the “meal plan plus nutrition coaching” program, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally available (partly because it’s been a long frickin’ time in the making)…

About a year ago, Matt approached me about doing a meal plan with him, and I jumped at the chance. Why? Because I wanted something that I could stand behind and recommend to people that would deliver an easy, fun, accessible way to transition to and maintain (for real) a healthy eating lifestyle without the craziness of portion control, calorie counting, and glycemic index charts—none of which are sustainable or, frankly, improve anyone’s quality of life. This system is the real deal, and I’m proud of what we’ve done…Matt was the perfect guy to create this with–we’re very like minded in our approaches to healthy and happy living.

Click here to learn more. Matt and I both know that while this product isn’t for everyone, it’s lookin’ to be a big deal because it was crafted with your requests in mind—for a meal plan system that will help you feel less burden, less fear, and less stress around healthy eating so you can enjoy life (and, of course, food!) even more…I believe we’ve got it.


P.S. You all know I hardly ever sell products. Hardly ever. But…Now through Thursday, April 21, we’ve got an awesome offer for our first-ever members who will help shape this program over the next year. We’re letting the first group of you in at over a 50% discount…If you want to be part of this, click one of the links above for the info…

Sid Garza-Hillman