“On the Rich Roll podcast, Rich recently had this really fascinating guest named Sid Garza-Hillman. He is the nutrition and wellness program director at the Mendocino Center for Living Well at the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort and has a pretty interesting way of approaching healthful living. After hearing the podcast, I contacted Sid and read his health manifesto Approaching the Natural. His book, is more of a pocket-pistol, a small guide and reminder about how humans should try to approach living. Perhaps what strikes me most about Sid is his complete sincerity when trying to teach people about his method as well as his desire to make living as simple as possible- while he promotes a plant-based diet, he argues we shouldn’t stress about nutrients or vitamins, there are no charts or tables about how much of X we should be consuming or how many tablespoons of Y we need everyday. Instead, he suggest we simple eat healthy plant foods until we are full and should fill our days with art, nature, and other things we see value in. In short, Sid promotes moving back towards the way we would live in nature, hence his title, Approaching the Natural.  The result is a fun, and very easy but also engaging read that will help get you up and moving (literally) down the road to better health.” ~ Anthony Zacchino


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