“A few weeks ago Sid Garza-Hillman, a Certified Nutrition and Weight Management Coach and the Programs Director at the Mendocino Center for Living Well at the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort in Northern California asked if I was interested in reviewing his book, Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto. My first thought was, “Heck Yeah!”  which was quickly followed with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to accurately portray the book to my readers. While I recommend books often I’ve never given a formal review.

I really enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend it. First I want to tell you my impressions of the author. Sid, yes we are on a first name basis now (he may not know that though), makes you feel like you have known him for years and probably got in trouble in math class together in high school. Well, maybe not but he seems familiar, like an old friend and explains confusing concepts with easy to understand imagery and humor that will keep you engaged. His passion for life, his family, health and the earth are infectious.

In some ways I felt like he let me, “off the hook” and in other ways I felt extremely challenged and empowered to rise to the occasion and get moving. There is much more to your health than just the food you eat or the amount of exercise you fit into your day. He doesn’t give you a magic formula to follow for success; he simply encourages you to approach the natural and explains how to do that in every area of your life. The book discusses nutrition but it is so much more than a “health” book; it is more of a “this is how you were designed to live” book.” ~ Holly at My Plant-Based Family


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