WST 082: The Right Stuff

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Daily Podcasting: Day 3. We have rights, but we have responsibilities too. It’s worth talking about and thinking about the difference. Support me: Patreon Find me: (resort) Health Made Simple Podcast Music:iTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed CD! See me live:Oakland Veg Fest (Oakland, CA, June 6, 2020)Asheville Veg Fest (Asheville, NC June […]

WST 031: Human vs. Lizard

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

We are a species of two brains. Human vs. Lizard. The answer to which brain wins out most days is an answer worth finding out. And…wtf with Dungeons and Dragons. Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy Eating Training) (my life-changing, 12 week program) (Sign up for my mailing list!) […]

WST 016: A Good Ol’ Stock Takin’

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Take stock now and then. Ask yourself if you’re happy enough, healthy enough. The challenge is this–to get an honest answer, you need the world to shut the f&#k up for a second. Please O’ please support me on Patreon My Small Steppers Coaching System Buy My Stuff: Merch Books Upcoming Speaking Gigs: SoCal […]