WST 195: Once You Know

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

We don’t know, and then we know. Once we know we either gotta do something about it, or waste a bunch energy pretending the knowledge isn’t there anymore. Colbert visits the pope. A study proving high meat diets are best for gut bacteria? You betcha. CLICK HERE to read study mentioned in episode. Ultrarunning for […]

WST 194: The Mediated Immediate

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

What stands between you and your actions, between you and your life. Nick Cave, a cold tubber? And a novel in the works? Oh, yes. Ultrarunning for Normal People – ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! Coaching: Private Coaching (remote): SMALL STEP INTENSIVEOnline Program: SMALL STEPPERS MORE STUFF: PATREON BOOKS MUSIC Please support the Rancho Compasi√≥n Farm […]