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WST 100: The 100 Pressure

Oh the pressure of a 100th episode, but it’s here. My thoughts looking back, now, and to the future. Thanks to everyone who’s been with me along the way. Please support my work: Patreon Find me: sidgarzahillman.com SmallSteppers.com stanfordinn.com Podcast Music: The Sid Hillman QuartetiTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed CD! See me live:Dates are changing

AtN Podcast 112: Find out for yourself

We have an incredible ability to adapt but rarely trust this in ourselves. Sometimes we keep ourselves back by refusing to believe that we can achieve happiness and health by changing things we’re currently used to. * Sid’s Life Coaching Donate to the Podcast! AtN Podcast Merchandise Sid’s Book: Approaching the Natural Sponsored by the Stanford Inn

AtN Podcast 84: Julie Piatt, author, chef, musician

Author, chef, musician Julie Piatt joins Sid for a great conversation about food, family, creativity, strength and much more! Julie’s book: The Plantpower Way All about Julie: Srimati Julie’s music: Srimatimusic * AtN organic T-shirts, Mugs & WWID bracelets!: Click here Sid’s Book (paperback and kindle): Approaching the Natural Sponsored by the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort (click for info on