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WST 071: Anti-Eliticism and a Three Day Water Fast

Substantial nutritional advice In the world is actually geared toward elite athleticism–often not applicable toward regular folks. Good to recognize this, and listen up to know why. Also…a play by play of my 3 day water fast. Support me on Patreon My videos now on VIMEO! Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy Eating Training) SmallSteppers.com

AtN Podcast 53: The Time Discontinuum

In AtN Podcast 53, Sid talks about how your perception of time can change when you embark on small steps to improve your health and happiness. And then there’s the ding dongs. Always the ding dongs. AtN T-shirts are here ($20.95–printed on 100% organic cotton)!: ORDER YOURS NOW!   Sid’s book reviewed on SuperStrengthHealth.com Sponsored by