WST 095: Conspiracies are only theories.

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Conspiracy theorists bug the crap out of me and are getting too much of a voice in today’s world. Needs to stop if for no other reason than my sanity. But in this episode I make it about all of us. Please Support me my work: Patreon Find me: Mindful Eating Film Fest Talk (by […]

WST 094: Judge now or forever hold your peace

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

We will miss out on real opportunities for change during this pandemic IF we don’t exercise judgment. For real. As in, critical thinking. Now’s the time. Please Support me my work: Patreon Find me: Recent Guest Spot on Captare Podcast (Norway!) (resort) Podcast Music: The Sid Hillman QuartetiTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed […]