WST 182: The Pain of Intention

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Intentional discomfort, intentional pain, intentional fear, intentional stress. Sound miserable? It can be. It is also 100% necessary for living the life you truly want to live. Ultrarunning for Normal People AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! (Please spread the word!) Sid on Pop Culture Podcast! WORK WITH ME! Stress management & habit change (+nutrition, fitness, breathwork and […]

WST 181: The Tech Limit

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Technology is making things easier and easier for us. We are getting less healthy and happy. When, O’ when will we wake up to this reality? I (again) take the piss out of Ozempic (a very limited tech). Ultrarunning for Normal People NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! (Please spread the word!) WORK WITH ME! Stress management, […]