WST 133: Addiction is stronger than compassion

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Just what the title says. Addiction is stronger than compassion. You might want to care for others but if you don’t fix your ‘stuff’ you may not be able to. I also rail on the stupid government dietary ‘plate.’ Buy my new book! Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you […]

Put You in Your Place

If you know me, you know I don’t go in for the woo woo. It’s not that I don’t think there’s the possibility of magic, the supernatural and what not. It’s that I simply don’t care. As in, it makes no difference to me one way or the other. So, with that said, this post […]

WST 104: Slick Rick and the Stretch

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Stretching ourselves, in our lives, can be a frightening prospect. And yet…exactly what is necessary to continue growing and evolving. Playing it safe just doesn’t work out well in the modern world. Please support my work: Patreon Find me: – SMALL STEPPERS 2.0 is launching soon…GET YOUR NAME ON THE EARLY BIRD LIST NOW […]

WST 103: A Life by Choice

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

What percentage of your actions are actual choices vs. built-in routines reactions? How does the amount of choice in your life affect your health and happiness? Also a disturbing Cardi B experience. Please support my work: Patreon Find me: – SMALL STEPPERS 2.0 is launching soon…GET YOUR NAME ON THE EARLY BIRD LIST NOW […]

The 100th Came and Went

This post is about laurels. Specifically, whether it’s worth resting on them or not. Incidentally, for this post I (very) briefly checked into the etymology of the phrase “resting on your laurels.” Something about a crown made from laurels given to victorious athletes. Per usual, the Greeks started it and the Romans stole it from […]

WST 102: This Episode is Entitled

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

What if we supposedly do ‘everything right,’ work our asses off, and follow a so-called recipe for success? Are we then entitled to success? Are we entitled to the fruits of our labor, or is that the wrong question to even ask? Please support my work: Patreon Find me: (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: SMALL STEPPERS 2.0! […]

WST 099: If You’re Happy and You Know It

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Who knew there was so much brilliance in the “If you’re happy and you know it” children’s song. I’m gonna talk about it. Please support my work: Patreon In this episode: Sid on Chef AJ’s Live Show Sid’s virtual “Raising Healthy Kids” presentation registration Awesome Song by an Anonymous friend of Sid’s (watch it!) Find […]

WST 097: The Kinda Hippy Episode

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Going a little hippy, but please humor me. Talking about the flow state. Interesting stuff, I promise. Also, some bad news for Major Tom. Please support my work: Patreon Interview of me on the Rise Again Podcast!: Podcast Website YouTube of the Interview Find me: (resort) Podcast Music: The Sid Hillman QuartetiTunes […]

The Thriving Mind.

Perhaps it’s good to briefly write about the mechanics of stress. Short story: Stress is a good thing when delivered to us in a measured way. I call it the Goldilocks of Stress. Just the right amount, just the right quality. And yes, that goes for chairs, beds and porridge too. Too much stress and […]

WST 090: The One About Adaptation

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Goldilocks had it right. Things work best when they’re in the right amount. Not too much, not too little. Goes for stress too, and our ability (or not) to adapt to it. Support me: Patreon Find me: (resort) Health Made Simple Podcast Music:iTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed CD! See me live:Dates are […]