WST 138: The Piano Lesson Lesson

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Is there something you really want to do but aren’t getting it done? Listen in. Also, Facebook and sex talks. I know, I know. Just trust me.. Featured in this episode: Sid’s guest appearance on The Transformative Leader Podcast My new book! Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you won’t […]

WST 137: Breaking Good

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Breaking Good? My sincere effort to relate Breaking Bad to the goal of this podcast. A lofty goal, I might add. The tough work of changing the way you live. For good. Featured in this episode: Art Metrano Video My top 5 favorite fiction works that are secretly philosophy books! My new book! Six Truths: […]

WST 136: The Feeling Question

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Can we automatically trust our feelings? Spoiler alert: no. But we can learn from them. Also, I sing the praises of Keto Magazine and my new very, very cold tub. My new book! Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you won’t SMALL STEP INTENSIVE (schedule a FREE discovery zoom call) […]

WST 135: Gone is the Cowboy

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

The traditional ‘cowboy’ ethic is disappearing. Honor, dignity, acting on principle. Ideally when we make a mistake and are called on it, we’d fix it. Simple, clean. Now, though, we stand our ground even when we’re wrong. It ain’t pretty. My new book! Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you […]

WST 134: The Lines We Draw

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

We have all drawn lines. Lines we don’t cross. The questions are: where are the lines, are we aware of them, and do they need to move so that we can become healthier and happier. Kareem has thoughts on this too. Article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Podcast Appearances: The Power of Investing In People Build 2 […]

WST 065: On Putting Yourself Out There

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Oh how easy it is to be a “Monday Morning Quarterback” and critique others’ work from the sidelines. That is, until you put your own work into the world. Only then do you truly understand the courage it takes. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW VIMEO CHANNEL!!! Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy […]

My interview with bestselling author Julie Orringer

Julie Orringer, bestselling author

Thanks to Julie Orringer, author of the bestselling novel The Invisible Bridge and How To Breathe Under Water: Stories for a wonderful discussion. Listen here: Rare Bird Radio Also find Julie at: