Yeah, yeah, I know…”Sid! Everyone posts about gratitude around Thanksgiving. You’re so predictable.”

That’s me, Mr. Predictability.

And yet…

I’m not writing about giving thanks for what you have, or for the people in your life. Go ahead and be thankful for them, I’m just saying that’s not what is happening in this post.

Not as predictable as you thought, eh?

Nailed it.


Hey, do you remember?

Remember that time you got up and exercised even though you didn’t feel like it?

Remember that time you put down the chips because you took just a quick moment and realized you didn’t want them that time?

Remember that time you ate the damn chips, loved the crap out of them, and DIDN’T beat yourself up over having a treat?

Remember that time you said “no” to someone even though you felt a pang of guilt, but knew saying “no” was what you needed to avoid getting too stressed?

Remember that time you stuck up for yourself?

Remember that time you admitted you made a mistake? It didn’t feel good in the moment, but kinda liberating afterwards?

Remember that time you didn’t get swept up in the office drama, tempting as it was?

Remember that time you decided it was time to really take care of yourself, and understood that it’s heroic to even try to live a good life given all the craziness in the world?

Here’s the deal: Thank yourself for all of that.

And you know what? I’m also going to thank you for all the kind things you’ve done for yourself and do for yourself. 


Because the happier you are, the happier we all are.



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