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Oh my gosh! Is that the time?!?

Real quick: an exciting announcement. I’m giving away THREE smallsteppers.com memberships. Count ‘em. Three. Launching and running smallsteppers.com has been an incredible experience. And members have been telling me it’s been a great experience for them too…In fact, below is a testimonial. But…to be entered to win a free membership, all you gotta do is


With just a couple clicks we are bombarded with lists. Like… Top ten super foods Top 5 anti-inflammatory foods Top 7 best yoga poses Top 10 lists of top 10 best berries You get the gist of the list. But let’s not forget the ‘optimals’: The perfect proportion of carbohydrate to protein that one should


There is a difference between earning what you want and being handed what you want. When you earn it, you value it. When you earn it, you’re a happier person for having earned it. And yet, despite understanding this fact, most of us are still heavily drawn to quick fixes – shortcuts that promise us

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Hurt People. People Hurt People.

I made a New Year’s resolution to post this by January 2. Crap. Have you noticed that people are either totally for or totally against New Year’s Resolutions? I think it goes deeper than whether resolutions work or not, or whether we should make them or not. I’ve definitely been in the “new year’s resolutions are

MOTT meets the Holidays & the No Meat Athlete Bundle!

I often get questions about how to handle the holidays in the healthiest way possible—specifically how to maintain a healthy diet at family gatherings, parties. I thought it was a great time to write about this, but before I do… When Matt Frazier (NoMeatAthlete.com) asked me to be part of his incredible holiday fitness/health bundle