Quick thanks to a few donations that recently came in! This money enabled me to buy the equipment I needed/wanted for my new upcoming podcast (see the equipment in this recent vlog!). To be clear (in answer to questions I’ve been getting), the new show is NOT a reboot of the Approaching the Natural podcast. It’s a brand new show, but since it’s still coming from the brain of yours truly, it won’t be super unfamiliar! Tying up loose ends, so more news soon. But, thanks–your support goes to real stuff.

Now on to this week’s blog…which is BORING.

More precisely, it’s about boring. It’s about the mundane. It’s about the lives that, by far, MOST of us live.

This post was sparked by a comment I heard recently.

Someone noted how exciting and inspiring it is that there are so many elite athletes on a plant-based diet.

(Incidentally, this post is not about a plant-based diet or food, so just, you know, shush.)

In any case, I told this person that I didn’t fully agree, and here’s why I don’t:

Thing is, elite athletes are awesome and they are inspiring. I watch them too (btw, ever seen what Timothy Shieff can frickin’ do? Check this video out).


To me, watching them is just not enough.

As inspired as we may feel by watching these people, we still must return to the lives we are living—lives that for most of us bear little resemblance to those of elite athletes.

And so…

In the years I’ve been a small steps coach, I have come to find more meaningful and powerful inspiration in the lives of the so-called everyday people who, while not climbing Everest in record time, are living healthy and happy lives in spite of a world where to do so is becoming more and more difficult every day.

In other words, I have come to champion the mundane.

Of course it’s inspiring to see incredible people do incredible things. Of course it’s worth acknowledging and appreciating all the hard work they’ve done to get where they are.

Just don’t underestimate the struggle and hard work it takes to live a really good, but comparatively un-spectacular life.

Show me someone who fights for a life of purpose, health, passion, and meaning amidst the craziness of carpools, tedious jobs, traffic, financial stress, weekend soccer games, laundry, and news-induced fear, and I’ll show you someone who is truly elite.

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