WST 187: The Social Media Conundrum

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

This episode may surprise you. Do I actually defend social media? More than a little bit, but I also discuss the virtues of running so slow that people make fun of you and the nasty comments silverback gorillas leave on Facebook. Ultrarunning for Normal People – ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! My Stress management & habit […]

WST 186: Data Heads Beware

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Do you gather data? Upload your workouts, track your calories, meals, and so on? Do you enjoy it or think you HAVE to do it. Well, you got another thing coming. Oh, I had to brave luke warm coffee for TWO WHOLE DAYS, and I think I’m stronger for it. Ultrarunning for Normal People – […]

WST 185: I Don’t Care

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

What do you care about and what do you not care about. That is the question. And a question best answered independent of how you might feel one way or the other. Listen in. And, Chewy Lemonheads? Seriously. Things gotta change. Ultrarunning for Normal People – ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! Book Tour Dates! WORK WITH […]

WST 184: Fruit

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Fruit. I’m having to talk about fruit. You’re making me talk about fruit. I shouldn’t have to talk about it, but here I go. Fruit. Ultrarunning for Normal People AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER – check out the book trailer video! Sid on “About Progress” podcast WORK WITH ME! Stress management & habit change (+nutrition, fitness, breathwork […]

AtN Podcast 25: Nothing to fear. Except the scary stuff.

Approaching The Natural Podcast, health, philosophy, nutrition, movement, art, wellness, mindfulness

AtN Episode 25! Sid explores the idea that perhaps there’s something a little scary about finally taking control of your life and leaving behind things you’re comfortable and familiar with. He also addresses a properly pulled espresso. Monthly Q&A with Sid on Spreecast (free!): April 5 Spreecast Sponsored by the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort Find Sid: twitter: @sidgarzahillman instagram: @sidgarzahillman […]