Fine, let’s talk food.

Quick note: As you know, I’m on a social media vacation, and let’s just say I’m loving the landscape. But, let’s face it, I’ve now got even less ability to put the word out about my work, so…here’s a quick ask: please forward these posts, share my YouTube channel, recommend my books to any like-minded folks […]


No, the title is not a Star Trek reference. This post is about a modern-world reality that is bringing us down. Side-note: I am officially on a social media vacation. Not posting on Twitter (I no longer have a Twitter account, so that’s a permanent vacation), Facebook, or Instagram. Why the vacation? Because someone a, […]


I am feeling a bit restless. Here’s what about: My work and, well, social media…mostly frickin’ social media. Here’s why, and yes, I know what I’m about to write makes me sound a tad old. During my song writing/recording days, music was about albums. How the songs flowed together as a group. My band labored […]

The Young and the Reckless

Because of the ginormous amount of very attractive diets and other health-oriented quick fixes, it’s easy for us to buy into the idea that it’s possible to very quickly change our habits and behaviors. But, remember this… No matter how old you are, chances are good that your current eating and/or exercise habits were established […]

Oh my gosh! Is that the time?!?

Real quick: an exciting announcement. I’m giving away THREE memberships. Count ‘em. Three. Launching and running has been an incredible experience. And members have been telling me it’s been a great experience for them too…In fact, below is a testimonial. But…to be entered to win a free membership, all you gotta do is […]


When people adopt my Small Steps approach, they notice when they’re taking on too much or too little. And more importantly, when they do, they know they have the power to adjust and adapt to ensure that new, healthy behaviors stick around long enough to become habits. However… In adopting this approach, people begin to […]


With just a couple clicks we are bombarded with lists. Like… Top ten super foods Top 5 anti-inflammatory foods Top 7 best yoga poses Top 10 lists of top 10 best berries You get the gist of the list. But let’s not forget the ‘optimals’: The perfect proportion of carbohydrate to protein that one should […]


There is a difference between earning what you want and being handed what you want. When you earn it, you value it. When you earn it, you’re a happier person for having earned it. And yet, despite understanding this fact, most of us are still heavily drawn to quick fixes – shortcuts that promise us […]

Finding Your Voice

In 1995 I recorded and released my very first album. It is long out of print, but over the last few years I’ve featured a couple songs from it on podcast episodes. But, here’s the thing: as an album, the dang thing makes me cringe. But while these days I cringe, I very clearly remember […]

The Ol’ Switcheroo Effect

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged, but for those of you who don’t know, I ended my podcast. Done. Finished. Moving on. This week I felt like posting a blog. About ending the podcast, this I know for sure : It was time. It was simply time. I didn’t make a pros and cons list. I didn’t ask […]