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“The Small Steppers Program has helped me remove the guilt from my self improvement efforts. I, like everyone else, am super busy and sometimes it is just nice to know that I can do as small a step as I need to, something that fits in with my life, and it will become part of my normal very soon. Then, and only then, I can move on to adding another step. It all adds up and contributes to a nice, positive mindset and “wall of behaviors”, without pressure or shame. Also, I love Sid’s conversational way and his easy ability to answer every question at the Live Q&A sessions with an in-depth response. I could keep writing, but will leave it at that for now. :)” A.M.

Good luck and now, on to the blog…



Most of us (me definitely included), feel we don’t have enough of it. Or at least not enough free time. But before I get specifically to ‘time’…

Here are a few examples of what can prevent people from making long-lasting/real changes in their lives:

In other words, we have an idea in our minds already of what it takes to do certain things. And if we don’t think we have enough free time to do them, we do nothing. No healthy eating, no exercise, no meditation, no guitar. It is our pre-conceived notions of what something is that can keep us from doing that thing. If we only had more time.

Here’s what will twist your noodle:

Same thing can be said about ‘free time.’ We even already have an idea of what quantity of time ‘free time’ must be in order to be frickin’ free. (That sentence hurt my head).

Free time? Oh, it’s at least half an hour? Or four hours, or a full day off for crying out loud.

And so, our conclusion?

If the time we do have doesn’t hit the right quantity, we really just don’t have any free time.

So not only do we feel stressed from feeling like we don’t have enough free time do do what will make us happier and healthier, we’re unhappy because we’re not doing the things themselves. We’re not exercising, or eating healthy etc.

Tough spot.

Or not…if…

We understand that all those ideas we have of what something is and how much time it takes are ALL made up. Human created. Fiction. Fluff.

Which means: we can re-define virtually everything.

Like this:

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be about new recipes or a ton of time in the kitchen.

Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour at a gym, or frankly, be anywhere near a gym, or even more frankly, involve a trainer named Jim.

Meditation doesn’t have to be 45 minutes (although, to be truthful, may actually have to involve a 1980’s wave machine).

Learning how to play guitar doesn’t have to mean 30 minutes of practice a day nor one lesson a week.


Free time doesn’t have to be any actual, fixed amount of time.

Understanding this, free time can be driving in your car (snacking on carrots and celery), standing in line at the grocery store (thinking of an idea for a poem or story), sitting in the waiting room at the dentist (deep breathing/meditating). Waiting for your coffee to brew (doing squats in the kitchen).

Free time is simply time you devote to, wait for it, anything YOU want to do or think about.

Oh, how much we can accomplish if we liberate ourselves from these definitions and fixed quantities.

Thing is?

Every one of you reading this has free time. It just may not look like you think it should look. It may be a bit scattered around rather than clumped all together, but free time it still is.

Free time which can be what you want it to be.

In other words:

We all have the time. We just need to take it.

6 Responses

  1. It’s been so nice to “hear your voice” in my inbox lately. I’ve been missing the podcast! I’ve taken much of what you’ve said to heart, especially all the protein advice… ha! I’d LOVE to try Small Stepping in earnest though. Pick me! Pick me!

  2. We all know it is true, but why is it so hard to do? After listening to some of your podcasts, I decided to try journaling, because it would change my life. I decided that I would write at least one sentence a day, before I got out of bed. It was great at first. Quite liberating, as well as interesting to see what came pouring out of my brain every morning. Then it became a job, and I decided it wasn’t for me. Now I knew I had the time to spare, so what next? I decided to do leg swings every morning before I took my shower to loosen up my lower back. That was four months ago. Now, I am doing anywhere between 20 minutes and 45 minutes a day of stretching and body-weight exercises I have time for that day. I do it not because I have to, but it is now my default, and I choose how much to do every day and feel very good that I did it.

    I still suck at trying these things in the evening. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for what you are doing. A bunch of us appreciate it. It helps us to bring value to our lives.

  3. I see this inner debate a lot in my life. I think I don’t have time to do this or that because it’s not “enough” time in my mind, so I don’t even bother. Listening to your podcasts and reading your book has helped me with some of that, and I look forward to continuing to add small steps to my life. I’ve started adding integrated exercises, and try to insert them when I have those little moments. Thank you for being the person you are and sharing your mindset, it certainly has had a positive impact in my life!

  4. so great to step into something and have the freedom to know that it’s not for you…this is tricky since sometimes we start something and then feel locked to continue it (then it becomes something that controls us, instead of the other way around). great work…

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