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WST 122: To Repair is to Renew

My thoughts on reparations (I reference Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “A Case for Reparations”) and the ethic behind breaking unhealthy cycles and repairing a broken past, even a distant one. NY Time article mentioned in the podcast: Exercise vs. Diet AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you won’t SMALL STEP

WST 120: What Happens in Vagus Stays in Vagus

A return to proper breathing is like a return to proper eating and proper running. But breathing is especially interesting as it relates to the vagus nerve and, of course, Ricki Lake’s 30 year struggle with hair loss. AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER:Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you won’t SMALL STEP

WST 104: Slick Rick and the Stretch

Stretching ourselves, in our lives, can be a frightening prospect. And yet…exactly what is necessary to continue growing and evolving. Playing it safe just doesn’t work out well in the modern world. Please support my work: Patreon Find me: SmallSteppers.com – SMALL STEPPERS 2.0 is launching soon…GET YOUR NAME ON THE EARLY BIRD LIST NOW

WST 020: Only if we want to move forward

Shallow is easy. Generalizing is easy. Sexism is easy. Racism is easy. You know what? Screw easy. Please O’ please support me on Patreon My Small Steppers Coaching System sidgarzahillman.com Buy My Stuff: Merch Books Upcoming Speaking Gigs: SoCal VegFest (Costa Mesa, CA, October 20 & 21) World VegFest (San Francisco, CA, October 27) Fort Lauderdale