THIS is what we train for.

THIS is why I hammer home my small steps approach. THIS is why I talk about self-care. THIS is why I talk about keeping your stress down and your strength up. Ultimately, it’s never really about a scale weight or a per-minute mile pace. It’s about living long, full lives. It’s about things like the […]

WST 079: Know What You’re in For

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If you make moves that are so-called ‘outside the norm,’ find out what you’re in for. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the move; it just means you gotta make yourself ready for some crap that will most likely be a-comin’. Support me on Patreon Find me: (resort) Health Made Simple Podcast Music:iTunes […]

WST 078: Slow Children at Play

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Boy, you really get a sense of politicians during elections. So much childish behavior, and yet we keep the bar so high. We still expect so (too?) much from these people. Best if we don’t do that. Also, my Ford Focus is all of a sudden cool. Support me on Patreon Health Made […]

WST 077: Speak Loudly and Carry a Small Stick

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Confidence, at least on the internet, abounds. But the real stuff? Different story altogether. And yet, real confidence is essential on the road to health and happiness. Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple Vimeo Channel (eco-resort) SID HILLMAN QUARTET MUSICiTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed CD! Buy My Stuff:MerchBooks See me live: […]

Lose the Wait

Spoiler alert. This is one mundane post. It’s about stuff. But it’s also about getting going. I’m assuming you caught the pun on weight/wait, right? If not, take a moment. In any case, you’ll quickly realize that this post is about wait and weight. Our culture is all about weight loss. People think the keto […]

WST 075: The Final Word on the “Paleo” Diet.

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

I was “Paleo’d” twice this week. I figured it was a sign that I needed to weigh in. This episode is the final word on the “Paleo” diet. What? Oh yes it most certainly is. Support me on Patreon (Winter 2020 session starts Feb. 2!–Enter the code “SmallStepsWinter” for 35% off — offer ends […]

Are you a Sideliner or a Backburner?

Because of what I do, I’m hyper aware of trends, behaviors, and habits in the happy living arena. I pay close attention to what works and doesn’t work for people, and especially what stops people from living life on their terms. (My approach removes these obstacles, but I gotta know what we’re up against, dig?) […]

WST 067: Marijuana, An Allegory

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

My temper flared and I wanted to know why. So, I asked – myself. I found out AND I found out that always looking for a takeaway from any situation is supremely helpful in living the life you want to live. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW VIMEO CHANNEL!!! Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 […]

I’ve Got This Funny Feeling

[Pre-blog note: The documentary on my band, The Sid Hillman Quartet (called “Round About Way”) is now public on Vimeo. Check it out if for no other reason than to watch me smoke a cigarette. Fret not…the cigarette was 100% plant-based.] On to the blog post…. I talk and write a ton about how knowing […]

WST 065: On Putting Yourself Out There

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Oh how easy it is to be a “Monday Morning Quarterback” and critique others’ work from the sidelines. That is, until you put your own work into the world. Only then do you truly understand the courage it takes. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW VIMEO CHANNEL!!! Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy […]