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AtN Podcast 16: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

In the episode, Sid talks about his version of ‘The Secret,’ and why it’s all in the askin’. Sponsored by the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort Find Sid: The Stanford Inn’s Transitioning to Health UN-Retreat  (with Sid): www.livingwellmendocino.com Sid speaking at the Health and Fitness Expo–January 25, 2014: http://vegfoodevents.com/health/ twitter: @sidgarzahillman instagram: @sidgarzahillman fb: TransitioningToHealth Sid’s private practice: www.transitioningtohealth.net Stanford Inn’s Wellness Center: www.livingwellmendocino.com

Kids love the fantasmo raw bar!!!

[grid_4 nested=”true” position=”alpha”][/grid_4] Hello all! So, as proof of how friggin’ delicious the ‘green is the new fantasmo’ bars are, look no further than this picture of my beautiful niece enjoying one herself. Check out the recipes page for the list of ingredients. All whole foods and incredibly nutritious. I even snuck in some spirulina,