WST 144: Goal Paralysis

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Go ahead. Set big goals. Get excited, but then…almost immediately it’s about how it get there. The hard, hard work and becoming mentally tough and focused so you don’t fall prey to overwhelm. Plus I almost smoked. Check out my guest spot on this podcast: The Daily Grind Join my Small Steppers 12-week program (and […]

WST 143: Productivity and Nothingness

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Athletes focus on recovery. If they don’t recover well, they don’t train as well. But what about proper recovery in non-exercise life? How good are you at balancing the busy-ness of life with plain ol’ doing nothing? Harder than you might think. Check out my guest spot on this podcast: Just Minding My Business Podcast […]

The Battleground.

See me in New York, speaking at The Seed Experience, June 20/21. Click here for 50% off! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! | AtN Podcast Merch |  Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto My approach is centered primarily on chronic stress, for it is chronic stress that can weaken our minds and bodies. This stress can come from a nutrient deficient diet, a […]