WST 054: A Walking, Talking Facebook Post

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

In this new age of social media, more and more people believe they are entitled to be heard, no matter what. Well, guess what? They’re not. Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy Eating Training) (my habit change program) (Sign up for my mailing list!) (eco-resort) BRAND NEW SID […]

WST 045: Oh How Scholarly

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

What happens when we find inconsistencies in religious texts? It’s our problem. It’s that we’re reading the texts as scholars, not as believers. I have a problem with this AND, thinking of starting a new religion because of it. BRAND NEW SID HILLMAN QUARTET ALBUM, “ROUND ABOUT WAY”:iTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed CD! Listen to […]

AtN Podcast 23: No Pain, All Gain

Approaching The Natural Podcast, health, philosophy, nutrition, movement, art, wellness, mindfulness

In this episode, Sid questions the ‘no pain, no gain’ way of thinking as it relates to health and happiness, and explores what it might be like if our trek to more control of our lives were relatively stress-free… Q&A with Sid on Spreecast (free!): March 1 Spreecast Sponsored by the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort Find Sid: twitter: @sidgarzahillman […]