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WST 079: Know What You’re in For

If you make moves that are so-called ‘outside the norm,’ find out what you’re in for. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the move; it just means you gotta make yourself ready for some crap that will most likely be a-comin’. Support me on Patreon Find me: sidgarzahillman.com SmallSteppers.com stanfordinn.com (resort) Health Made Simple Podcast Music:iTunes

WST 077: Speak Loudly and Carry a Small Stick

Confidence, at least on the internet, abounds. But the real stuff? Different story altogether. And yet, real confidence is essential on the road to health and happiness. Support me on Patreon SmallSteppers.com Health Made Simple Vimeo Channel sidgarzahillman.com stanfordinn.com (eco-resort) SID HILLMAN QUARTET MUSICiTunes | Limited Edition, hand-letterpressed CD! Buy My Stuff:MerchBooks See me live:

WST 062: Hey Kids! Watch Your Weight!

Oh boy. In this one I’ve got Weight Watchers AND Bill Maher in the crosshairs. Let’s just say, I’ve got some bones to pick. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW VIMEO CHANNEL!!! Support me on Patreon Sid on Hardy Haberland Podcast! Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy Eating Training) SmallSteppers.com (my habit change program) sidgarzahillman.com (Sign up

Change Up.

First a quick thanks for the recent podcast donations I’ve received. Some new-ish listeners who started with older episodes (btw, ALL 222 episodes are on my site, and the most recent 50 are on iTunes) are just now getting the news that I shut down the show. So, in came a few really nice e-mails and