WST 099: If You’re Happy and You Know It

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Who knew there was so much brilliance in the “If you’re happy and you know it” children’s song. I’m gonna talk about it. Please support my work: Patreon In this episode: Sid on Chef AJ’s Live Show Sid’s virtual “Raising Healthy Kids” presentation registration Awesome Song by an Anonymous friend of Sid’s (watch it!) Find […]

That Time I Turned Off YouTube Comments.

You know when you do something that feels so right on the money that you say to yourself “I should’ve done this years ago!”? That happened to me a month ago when I returned to YouTube. But, being back on YouTube wasn’t what was ‘so right.’ It was my decision to turn off the comment […]

WST 061: One Small Step for Walmart

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Walmart acted on the United States’ gun problem. They acted. Was it their responsibility? If not, whose responsibility was it? Can people make the right decisions regardless of the bottom line, and are they re-defining the bottom line? Listen up. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW VIMEO CHANNEL!!! Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 week […]

WST 050: One Answer to Rule Them All

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Episode 50! For my 50th, I give you one answer to rule them all. THE answer to anyone who comes after you for acting in a way that is threatening to them, even though you haven’t said word one about it. Also, I enjoy a 34 year old Scotch. BRAND NEW SID HILLMAN QUARTET ALBUM, […]