Thanks to everyone who attended my class in Petaluma, and thanks so much to Maude Rare Finds for lending us their space. It was a great group of people. lots of laughs and great food to boot (what could be better?).  Plus during the class there were lots of great old cars driving by as part of the American Graffiti Festival going on in downtown Petaluma that day!

I will say it is so inspiring for me to see and talk to more and more people who are expressing real interest in taking control of their own health. Perhaps due to rising health-care costs, increasing rates of disease and sickness or a combination of both, people are more and more deciding to take matters into their own hands. I can tell by the questions that I’m asked at these classes that there is inspired curiosity about what we can do to be healthier than we’ve ever been. It’s great to be a part of that and to possibly help someone on that path…Thanks again to all who were there.  We’ll be planning additional classes in the bay area in the next few months. Until then, eat well! -Sid

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