I have a love/hate relationship with each new year.

I love our yearly New Year’s Eve party. I hate cleaning up after it.

I love the sense of starting over. I hate that it’s all made up and that we wait for each new year to kick our own asses into gear (let’s face it, we can start over and/or start anything whenever we damn well please).

I love that each new year we take the opportunity to define what we want, but hate the fact that we don’t think hard enough on how to get it, instead settling for whatever we think will get us there the quickest.

Understand this:

While it may be a new year, it’s not a new you.

Deep down, YOU still know what you want. YOU still know who you are. YOU still know that living your best life means letting go of quick fix temptations. YOU still know that new years resolutions are crap if you try and hack the hard work it takes to achieve them.

And so, my wish for the new year:

I wish all of you an accomplishment-filled, action-filled, adventure-filled, fulfillment-filled, love-filled, life-filled 2020.

And I ask this:

Before you start this new year with guns a-blazing, with big promises to lose 10 pounds, give up sugar, get six-pack abs, spend an hour everyday at the gym, write your novel, create your podcast…

Make this promise first:

“I won’t make promises I won’t keep.”

And then… Figure out promises you can keep.

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