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Change Up.

First a quick thanks for the recent podcast donations I’ve received. Some new-ish listeners who started with older episodes (btw, ALL 222 episodes are on my site, and the most recent 50 are on iTunes) are just now getting the news that I shut down the show. So, in came a few really nice e-mails and

When it’s about them, it’s about you…

Few quick announcements! 1. APPROACHING THE NATURAL T-SHIRTS ARE HERE! I’m very (probably ‘too’) excited about these darn shirts. 100% organic cotton! Order yours now! 2. My next FREE SPREECAST is  Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 11 am (Pacific). Spreecast is a live interactive video platform where anyone, anywhere (in the world!) can post questions live and I’ll answer them for everyone

AtN Podcast 19: Be the Ball

In this episode, Sid talks about being the example, and what that means for a natural animal in an unnatural world. He also talks about how we all judge, but don’t you dare judge him for saying so. Sponsored by the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort Find Sid: twitter: @sidgarzahillman instagram: @sidgarzahillman fb: TransitioningToHealth Sid’s private practice: www.transitioningtohealth.net Stanford Inn’s Wellness Center: www.livingwellmendocino.com (Transitioning