WST 151: The Throughlines

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Everything we DON’T have in common is brought to and kept at the surface of our lives. It’s what we focus on, read about, hear about, are subsumed with. But, oh, the profound throughlines that would connect us if we could just take time to notice them. If you want to throw me a few […]

WST 150: Multivariate

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

Episode 150! So much fanfare, so exciting. But alas. Let’s talk about my ultramarathon, how a strong baseline of fitness and health is multivariate. Also, my new career in “Nutritional Comedy.” Become a Patreoner Join my Small Steppers 12-week program (learn Awareness Based Habit Change!) Want to talk to me about my SMALL STEP INTENSIVE? […]

WST 149: Exist Outside

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

What we do for ourselves that exists outside of our relationships carries immense power in our lives. What do you have and do that is ONLY yours? Also, Tibetan Monks, Will Smith’s slap, Cabbage, and other obvious things. Become a Patreoner Join my Small Steppers 12-week program (learn Awareness Based Habit Change!) Want to talk […]

WST 148: Grin and Bare it

philosophy, health, wellness, politics

A mindset discussion. A milkshake discussion. All with a dash of tuberculosis sprinkled on top. Not my fault you hit play on this episode. Become a Patreoner Join my Small Steppers 12-week program (and learn Awareness Based Habit Change!) My new book! Six Truths: Live by these truths and be happy. Don’t and you won’t […]

The Questions We’re Not Asking…

I’ve been doing this a while–nutrition, health coaching, teaching my small steps approach. With each passing year, I realize how crucial my philosophy background is in my approach. At the time I graduated from college with a BA in philosophy, I had no plans whatsoever to pursue a career in nutrition and health. I had […]

To Champion the Mundane

Quick thanks to a few donations that recently came in! This money enabled me to buy the equipment I needed/wanted for my new upcoming podcast (see the equipment in this recent vlog!). To be clear (in answer to questions I’ve been getting), the new show is NOT a reboot of the Approaching the Natural podcast. It’s […]

There’s a fine line between discipline and militancy

(Subscribe to my YouTube channel–there you will see me going heavy duty in setting up my new studio for a…well…I’m getting closer to a new podcast with each passing day. Including a whole new microphone/equipment set up. Let’s just say I’m in deep). Ok-here’s the post: As you know I’ve been doing the small steps […]

Change Up.

First a quick thanks for the recent podcast donations I’ve received. Some new-ish listeners who started with older episodes (btw, ALL 222 episodes are on my site, and the most recent 50 are on iTunes) are just now getting the news that I shut down the show. So, in came a few really nice e-mails and […]

Ah, push it.

Not sure who actually wrote “Ah, push it.” I mean, was it Salt, or Pepa, or a joint effort? Sure, it’s neither here nor there, but I’d kinda like to know, since I’m using that bit of wisdom for this post. I’d also like to add that I’ve always appreciated Salt-N-Pepa using just an “N” […]

No, no, no…yes?

A few years ago my sister announced she was beginning the “year of no.” A year where she decided to turn down everything. Everything. Can you help me move? No. Can you watch my children? No. I’m not exactly sure how it went, or how closely she stuck to it, but that move definitely stuck […]