WST 164: Ride on the Over Train

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Data gathering and micromanagement. Both are often put into place the moment we decide to either train for something or improve our health/fitness. For most people, however, this level of attention is not only unnecessary, it’s too stressful. BECOME a Patreoner My stress management and habit change courses (includes, nutrition, breath work and more!): SMALL […]

WST 030: Training Day(s)

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If you’re not in training, you’re getting soft. Oh, and happy new year. Oh, and I love Cardi B. Support me on Patreon Health Made Simple (8 week Healthy Eating Training) (my life-changing, 12 week program) (Sign up for my mailing list!) Buy My Stuff: Merch Books Upcoming Speaking Gigs: Healthy World […]

AtN Podcast 148: Best-selling Author Matt Fitzgerald

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Interview with Best-selling author Matt Fitzgerald–author of “How Bad Do You Want it,” “Diet Cults,” “80/20” and many more! Sid and Matt discuss struggle, and how the perception of struggle is the game changer. * Health Made Simple Meal Plan System! Donate to the Podcast! | AtN Podcast Merchandise | Approaching the Natural Find Sid: […]

Sid interviewed on Zen and the Art of Triathlon Podcast

Coach Brett of the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcasts interviews Sid…Turns out they are both from the same suburb in Houston! They cover ultras, nutrition, small steps, training, visors, tree-cutting, and more! CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW!

AtN Podcast 18: Independence Day

Approaching The Natural Podcast, health, philosophy, nutrition, movement, art, wellness, mindfulness

In this AtN Epidode, Sid talks about independence and thinking independently as it relates to human health and happiness. But, regardless of what you think, you should like this episode. Sponsored by the Stanford Inn Eco-Resort Find Sid: Sid speaking at the Health and Fitness Expo–January 25, 2014: twitter: @sidgarzahillman instagram: @sidgarzahillman fb: TransitioningToHealth Sid’s private practice: Stanford Inn’s […]