How the time flies…I wanted to throw down a quick blog on parents! Being one myself, I am really inspired by the interest coming from parents on nutrition and healthy eating. I have speaking engagements this month at two schools in Healdsburg. One of them was last week and it was fantastic. In light of the insane failure of the government to succeed in revising policies regarding school lunches (you know French fries being a vegetable and all that) due to food industry lobbying, I think there is one solution and one solution only: education on the part of parent.  Don’t rely on the government, schools, teachers or anyone else to make good decisions regarding your child’s health. Educate yourselves and take control over what you feed your children. Just as most parents wouldn’t let their young children watch R rated movies, I urge all parents to exercise the same restraint with unhealthy food. Your children’s successful growth, behavior, and future health all depend profoundly on good nutrition…For all of you I’ve worked with in my classes and private consultations that means MORE HEAVY BOX FOODS!!!

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