Spoiler alert. This is one mundane post. It’s about stuff. But it’s also about getting going.

I’m assuming you caught the pun on weight/wait, right? If not, take a moment.

In any case, you’ll quickly realize that this post is about wait and weight.

Our culture is all about weight loss. People think the keto diet and its twin, the Paleo diet (btw, check out my recent podcast episode The Final Word on the ‘Paleo’ Diet) are great mostly because of this statement: “I lose weight!”

As an aside—take a listen to the keto/paleo crowd and see if they cite any long-term studies proving health (Not weight loss…health. Not lean muscle gain…health.)

But I digress.

So why is this post entitled “Lose the Wait?”


Real change is about buckling down for the long haul. But you have to be ready for the long haul. I mean really ready. In your head ready.

When we decide we want real change in our health and happiness, the last thing we want to do is wait to get started. I get it.

But…Getting this kind of ready – head ready – takes time. This post is about how to minimize the wait.

Here’s the bottom line: we can’t be ready for real change when we have a bunch of stuff weighing on us. For example, like these two things:

  1. Clutter – In our life. In our house. In our office. In our car.
  2. Unfinished projects – The painting we haven’t started, the half-written novel, sure. But also the cupboards and drawers we started cleaning out but didn’t finish. The thank you note we still gotta write.

You know, the stuff that weighs on us. It’s not super loud, not super obvious. Just the constant weight on our shoulders.

The more of that stuff, the longer the wait.

We need to be very aware of every moment of that subtle dread…The fleeting thought and corresponding physical feeling as we think of something we need/should do and aren’t getting done. We need to notice how we feel when we walk into our cluttered house or drive to work in our cluttered car.

Why? Because this stupid stuff holds us back. Prevents us from being really ready to make real change.

Want to lose the weight AND lose the wait?

Start preparing. Don’t jump into the change, but rather prepare for the change.

Little by little, shed the stuff and/or fix the stuff that is weighing you down. As you do, you’ll feel lighter, more focused, stronger, more ready.

And when that happens? The wait is over.

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