Holidays. Crazy-busy work week. Birth of a child. Death of a loved one. Marriage. Divorce.

What do all of these have in common?

What are times like these?

They are all times that disrupt routine, regular life, what we do most days.

They are times that kick us out of what we’re used to.

Some “times like these” are great, some definitely ain’t, but what they all have in common is that they are not the norm.

We must ‘deal’ with times like these – either enjoy them or survive them, but we get through them and afterwards return to our lives.

So what’s the big deal, Sid?

Wow, the way you asked that was really snarky, but I’ll answer it because I’m a professional.

Here’s the deal…

In order to live a vibrant, healthy, happy life, during times like these, you just hang on for the ride.

Wait. What?

You heard me. You buckle in, hang on, and simply do the best you can until your life returns to normal.

I’ve had multiple clients ask me: “I’m going on a trip, what should I do re: food, exercise, my steps list in general?”

My answer?

(and I’m completely paraphrasing…myself.)

“I don’t care.”

Why? Because the trip is short-term, it’s not real-life.

My recommendation during ‘times like these’ is to get through them, do the best you can, whatever you can.

Relish the good times, survive the bad times. But understand the short-term nature of both.

And then…

Most importantly…

First discover and then remember the life you want to return to when “times like these” end.

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