THIS is why I hammer home my small steps approach. THIS is why I talk about self-care. THIS is why I talk about keeping your stress down and your strength up.

Ultimately, it’s never really about a scale weight or a per-minute mile pace.

It’s about living long, full lives.

It’s about things like the corona virus that come along from time to time, and all signs are that they’ll keep coming.

I think it’s healthy for ‘us humans’ to acknowledge that we’re not doing a hot job in the self-care arena.

Most people do not take care of themselves, do not keep their stress managed. Do not focus on strengthening their minds and bodies.

Our species is getting weaker not stronger.

It’s true and I think it’s healthy to talk about it more.

But, not right now.

Right now is a time for action. Not talk.

Now is the time to put our training into action.

THIS is what we train for when we’re just doing the normal lives.

Self-care. Stress Management. Breathing. Eating plants (with the fiber still in tact—that’s the stuff that feeds the good gut bacteria, the first line of defense of our immune system). Moving our bodies (not in a training for a race sort of way, but in a low stress, moving stuff around the body sort of way).

Here’s what Small Steppers know (and the people in the current session are learning big time): when external life delivers bigger or big stresses, we adjust our own stress to keep up our strength and resolve. We do a little less in some areas (exercise) and a little more in other areas (food, sleep) to make sure we’re as strong as possible. All this to make sure we get through whatever comes up, and that we get through it well.

Chronic stress weakens the immune system. The very stress all this news, social media, and rumors are causing.

So, manage your information intake. Keep it focused, intermittent, and legitimate.

And in between the information…deep breaths, movement, whole plants, family, humor, sleep, fun, and yes, mindless entertainment.

Whenever possible.

Take care everyone…and stop by my podcast and videos, OK? I’ll try my best to make you laugh and give you some good info at the same time.

PS I had to cancel my race. I’m not happy about that.

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