Sid at Sanctuary Bistro: April 26, 6 pm

In AtN 79, Sid discusses the weight that comes off the shoulders of small steppers as they learn the long-term nature of this process.

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One Response

  1. Hey Sid,
    I emailed you a couple of weeks ago and was very excited to get a response from you. I LOVE your pod casts and have recommended them to many of my family members, friends and colleagues.
    If you have time, I would like your advice on some troubling thoughts I have.
    As I told you in the previous email..I am a Physical Educator and have made great efforts to live the example of a healthy lifestyle for my students. For the past 5 years I have eaten a plant based diet…love it..and have reaped great benefits. I do NOT preach to other people or give unwanted advice. I have two assistants who are both choosing unwise food choices. One is obese..lives on fast food and the other is not overweight but is not in the best of health and also eats poorly. I do not say anything to them…but it BUGS THE HECK out of me to watch them eat so horribly during our lunch time and throughout the work day. Why does it bother me so much when family and friends refuse to make healthier choices and still suffer from illnesses and other consequences from their unhealthy diets? Then I am left to help my family members when they are ill from consequences of a poor diet and lifestyle that could have been remedied by changing their food choices because everyone else is too sick to help. I know I can’t change anybody…only myself…but it is frustrating to be one of the only fit and healthy people in my family and therefore I am called upon to take care of others when it could have been avoided.
    Now I feel better already just writing about it.
    Thanks for your Pod casts…they have helped me more than you know :)))

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