New Year. NOT New You.

I have a love/hate relationship with each new year. I love our yearly New Year’s Eve party. I hate cleaning up after it. I love the sense of starting over. I hate that it’s all made up and that we wait for each new year to kick our own asses

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Times Like These

Holidays. Crazy-busy work week. Birth of a child. Death of a loved one. Marriage. Divorce. What do all of these have in common? What are times like these? They are all times that disrupt routine, regular life, what we do most days. They are times that kick us out of

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The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Yeah, yeah, I know…”Sid! Everyone posts about gratitude around Thanksgiving. You’re so predictable.” That’s me, Mr. Predictability. And yet… I’m not writing about giving thanks for what you have, or for the people in your life. Go ahead and be thankful for them, I’m just saying that’s not what is

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I’ve Got This Funny Feeling

[Pre-blog note: The documentary on my band, The Sid Hillman Quartet (called “Round About Way”) is now public on Vimeo. Check it out if for no other reason than to watch me smoke a cigarette. Fret not…the cigarette was 100% plant-based.] On to the blog post…. I talk and write

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All Hail to the Strugglers.

I love strugglers. Perhaps I should clarify. I like people who admit they’re struggling. Because I believe everyone is struggling, but those who admit it are more interesting, and honest. They’re in it. In the struggle. They are not trying to avoid or deny it. Well, not ‘they.’ We. We’re

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Fear and Coffee-Maker Loathing

Last year, before arriving to one of the Stanford Inn & Resort’s retreats I head up, a guest called ahead to make sure the resort had the following two things in the rooms: shampoo and…wait for it…a coffee-maker. (I’m not going to address the shampoo—suffice it to say she had certain

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First the Head, then the Heart

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Sid, it’s about the heart first. Follow your heart. Listen to your heart. And, you may be right if I were talking love. But, I’m not talking about love, even though I could. I’m pretty darn qualified to do so. I mean, I’m one

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Staying Alive vs. Feeling Alive.

There are two camps in the healthy/happy living arena: those who incorporate healthy habits in order to stay alive, and those who incorporate healthy habits to feel alive. I’m guessing you know which camp I really love and which I really don’t. From the outside the two camps do some

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The Questions We’re Not Asking…

I’ve been doing this a while–nutrition, health coaching, teaching my small steps approach. With each passing year, I realize how crucial my philosophy background is in my approach. At the time I graduated from college with a BA in philosophy, I had no plans whatsoever to pursue a career in

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To Champion the Mundane

Quick thanks to a few donations that recently came in! This money enabled me to buy the equipment I needed/wanted for my new upcoming podcast (see the equipment in this recent vlog!). To be clear (in answer to questions I’ve been getting), the new show is NOT a reboot of the

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