Does a force of strength and power really exist in us already? How do we release this force within each of us to forge ahead with a better life, a life lived on OUR terms. Here’s how you get the fight in you.! Learn to be a Small Stepper in my 12-week program!

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CA Veg Food Fest (Los Angeles, September 16/17, 2017)
World Veg Fest (San Francisco, October 1, 2017)
Portland Veg Fest (Portland, October 14/15 2017)
SoCal Veg Fest (Costa Mesa, CA, October 28/29, 2017)
Tampa Bay Veg Fest (Tampa, FL, November 4, 2017)
Sedona VegFest (Sedona, AZ, January 20/21, 2018)

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YouTube: Sid Garza-Hillman
Stanford Inn Eco-Resort: Stanford Inn Eco-Resort
AtN Podcast music: The Sid Hillman Quartet (this episode: “Whiskey”)

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