A successful Small Stepper understands that to live a good life means building a practice where one no longer chases perfection. A practice that embraces this fact: to live a diversified, multi-faceted, adventurous life means embracing imperfection.

SmallSteppers.com: Learn my Small Steps system in this 12-week program!

Health Made Simple: A ground-breaking healthy eating system

MY NEW BOOK: Raising healthy Parents: Small Steps, Less Stress, and a Thriving Family

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See me live:
Sanctuary Bistro (Reading/Signing) (Berkeley, CA, December 10, 2017)
Sedona VegFest (Sedona, AZ, January 20/21, 2018)
Nashville VegFest (Nashville, TN, April 7, 2018)
Wilmington VegFest (Wilmington, NC, April 14, 2018)
NYC Veg Food Fest (New York, NY, May 19/20, 2018)

Find me:
YouTube: Sid Garza-Hillman
Stanford Inn Eco-Resort: Stanford Inn Eco-Resort
AtN Podcast music: The Sid Hillman Quartet¬†(This week’s song: “This Storm”)

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